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Note : FastOne Global Financial Markets Limited is a FSC regulated company providing online trading solutions and does not manage any funds nor plays any role in any portfolio management.

Risk Warning

FastOne Global Financial Markets Limited, a leading financial intermediary providing trading solutions is an FSC (Financial Services Commission, Mauritius) regulated company holding a Category 1 Global Business License.

References to "FastOne" in this risk warning document shall mean FastOne Global Financial Markets Limited unless otherwise stated. In the best interest of our clients it is imperative for all traders who are keen to become FastOne clients, to be informed about the execution and various other risks involved with trading at FastOne.

FastOne recommends traders and clients to read this risk document carefully.

Here our clients and prospects will find detailed information about execution and various other risks associated with FastOne but not limited to its products/financial instruments, trading technologies, execution types and services.

High Risk Products/Financial Instruments

Trading Currency, Commodities, CFDs, Indices and leveraged products/financial instruments on margin carry a high risk and may not be suitable for all traders/clients and investors. Before deciding to trade products/financial instruments offered by FastOne Global Financial Markets Limited ("FastOne") a client should carefully consider his/her expertise, knowledge, objectives, financial situation, needs and level of experience. FastOne is a registered Global Business License Category 1 company having investment dealer license (full services) and regulated by FSC (Financial Services Commission), Mauritius. FastOne either directly, through its' associate company/companies and/or third party may provide general advice, reports, news, data and other materials that do not take into account specific objectives, financial situation or needs of individual clients. The content of this website and any other website of the group companies, its' associated companies must not be construed as personal advice or as an attempt by the FastOne to solicit business or an attempt of persuasion for trading. The possibility exists that a client could sustain a loss of some or all of his/her deposited funds and therefore, client should not speculate with capital that he/she cannot afford to lose. A client should be very aware of all the risks associated with trading on margin and associated financial risk. FastOne recommends its clients to seek advice from an independent financial advisor and/or apply his/her own prudent decision.

Market Views and Opinions

News, research, analysis, prices, views on market, market trends and news on economy, opinions or/and other information contained on this website is provided as general market commentary and does not constitute investment/trading advice. FastOne will not accept liability for any loss or damage, including but not limited to, any loss of profit, which may arise directly or indirectly from use of or reliance on such information.

Risks Associated with Internet and Technology

There are risks associated with an Internet and Technology based trade execution system including, but not limited to, the failure of hardware (crash of computer, server), software, and internet connection. Since FastOne does not control transmission, signal power, its reception or routing via the internet, configuration of your electronic and trading equipment or reliability of internet connection. FastOne together with its shareholders, directors, management, employees, business associates, strategic partners, introducing brokers, white label partners, vendors and service providers cannot be responsible for communication failures, distortions or delays when trading via the internet. FastOne employs backup systems and contingency plans to minimize the possibility of system failure, which includes allowing clients to trade via telephone, live chat service or other means, as an alternative. Execution of order through telephone or alternative means may attract additional charges and such charges would be notified to the clients.

Market Depth and Liquidity

During the trading hours at various intervals, market for a particular product/financial instruments may become less liquid/active. This may occur when market is not very active and due to dramatic turn of socio, economic & political event, terrorist attack, war and civil unrest, etc. This may happen across all products/financial instruments or few selected products/financial instruments. Less liquidity or thinner markets may result in wider spreads, as there are fewer market participants. In illiquid markets, clients may find it difficult to enter or exit positions at their requested price, experience delays in execution, and receive a price at execution that is significantly away from requested price. It may also impact their P/L, clients may get margin call and/or trading may get suspended for some time.

A client must carefully select a product/financial instrument prior to any trading decision as in all financial markets; some instruments within that market will have greater depth of liquidity than others.

Execution Delay

There is possibility of delay in execution of clients' orders. This may occur for various reasons, such as technical issues with the clients’ internet connection or by a lack of available liquidity in the product/financial instrument that client is attempting to trade. Due to inherent volatility in the markets, it is imperative that clients have a working and reliable internet connection. There are possibilities that the client's personal internet connection may not be maintaining a constant connection with the FastOne servers due to a lack of signal strength. A disturbance in the connection path can sometimes interrupt the signal and disable the FastOne Trading Station, causing delays in the transmission of data between the trading station and the FastOne server.

Execution Slippage

It is FastOne endeavour to provide clients with the best execution available and to get clients' orders filled at the requested rate/price. However, at times, including but not limited to, due to an increase in volatility and spurt in price, orders may be subject to slippage. Slippage most commonly happens due to an increase in volatility during fundamental news events or periods of limited liquidity. During periods such as these, client's order type, quantity & rate/price demanded, and specific order instruction e.g. Limit Order can have an impact on the overall execution of his trades.

The high volatility in the market at times creates conditions such that orders are difficult to execute. A client might select a rate/price to execute his trade. Here, the client tries to execute his trade at a certain rate/price but in a split second, the market may have moved significantly away from that rate/price. The clients order would then be filled at the next available price for that specific order.

FastOne provides a number of basic, advanced and specific order types to help clients mitigate execution risk. To view more information regarding order types at FastOne, Please read paragraph below.

Order Types

FastOne different trading systems support different types of orders, we caution clients to please be confirmed about the various types of orders that are supported by various systems. It is possible that some order types that are existing in the respective systems either be removed or new order types are introduced or both without prior notice and they are not updated. FastOne does not promise that the FastOne system will support all order types under all market conditions, there might be certain market scenarios including but not limited to opening session, closing session, immediately before and after economic news events & data releases, untoward events like, war, terrorist attacks, political crisis and civil unrest etc. where some or all order types are made dysfunctional/non-operative.

Preference between Execution and Price

The high volatility in the market at times creates conditions such that orders are difficult to execute. A client might select a rate/price to execute his trade but in a split second, the market may have moved significantly away from the rate/price at which FastOne is able to execute the trades.

Where the liquidity depth is not large enough to fill a Limit Entry and Limit Order, the order will not be executed instead remain in the system until the order can be filled. Limit Entry and Limit orders guarantee price but not execution. A client should weigh his objective and preference between execution and price depending on his trading strategy and the market conditions.

Enlarged Spreads

At times, spreads expand beyond the normal spread. Spreads depend on liquidity and in periods of limited liquidity, spreads may expand because of extreme volatility and uncertainty in market movement or thin liquidity. Quite often spreads expand in live market scenario. It is recommended to be aware of liquidity patterns while trading. It also helps managing open orders better. In such scenarios clients should be careful while placing new orders. Since spreads may expand because of the change in volatility and liquidity scenario, often spreads expand substantially during news events. The spreads may remain expanded momentarily for few minutes. The scenario of expanded spreads can make huge impact on desired result of the trades. FastOne strongly encourages clients to employ caution when trading around news events and increased volatility. Widened spreads can adversely affect client's equity.

Pending Orders

Where an order is in the process of execution but not executed means execution has not been confirmed. This may happen in case of high volume and volatility. During periods of heavy trading volume, it is possible that the orders are in queue and there is a delay in getting confirmation of certain orders. It may also happen that the orders have been executed and the delay is due to heavy internet traffic.

The pending order could also be a result of the type of order placed. There is possibility of Market order to be filled at the next available price in the market. In both the scenarios order window will typically indicate executed or processing and it will take few moments for trades to appear in the "open positions" window.

One should also be careful not to place order (click multiple times) repeatedly because order confirmation has not been received because such attempts unconsciously and unnecessarily open unwanted positions.

Trade Rollover

Trade rollover is the process of extending the settlement date of an open position by simultaneously closing the existing position and re-entering (opening) of new equivalent position. A client artificially extends the settlement period. FastOne does not support delivery or receipt of physical currency, CFDs and other financial instruments. In case of rollover of trade of certain products/financial instruments (Currency) interest is either paid or received on the overnight open positions. FastOne may also have a system where there are fixed rollover charges or no rollover interest/charges.

It is important to note that rollover charges will be higher than rollover accruals. Spreads during rollover may be wider. Clients are requested to understand the implications of the rollover.

Tick Size

Tick size is defined as the value given to a tick movement for a particular product/financial instruments, also referred as minimum price movement. This cost is the amount that will be gained or lost with each tick movement of the respective product/financial instrument and will be expressed in particular currency. They may vary across various products/financial instruments. On the FastOne Platforms, the tick size for all the products/financial instruments and equivalent value are defined.

Inverted Spread

In the event spreads become inverted because of including but not limited to some technical snag, FastOne advises clients to avoid placing orders on such unreal prices. All trades executed on such prices may be revoked.

Impact of Weekend, Holidays, Opening and Closing Hours

The lack of liquidity and volume during the weekend and holidays at major global financial centres hamper execution and price delivery. Markets may also be extremely volatile over the weekend because of major news announcements, economic and political developments. Therefore market may open with gap in the new trading session. This can severely affect clients' equity, P/L, margin requirements.

Trading hours for various products/ financial instruments differ. Clients placing GTC (Good Till Cancellation) orders during non trading hours may be unable to cancel orders pending for execution. In the event that a Market GTC Order is submitted right at market close, the possibility exists that it may not be executed until the market opens again. FastOne advises clients to be careful when trading around closing time of the market and factor reasons described into their trading decision.

FastOne cautions clients holding positions over the weekend. The prices could be significantly different when the market opens (new session) after the close. There are various factors that affect the prices of different products/financial instruments. At times, the opening prices are near where the prices were on the close. However considerable gap may exist between open and close prices because of important news announcements and economic events before the market opens. It depends on how market views and values various products/financial instruments.

The open or close times may be altered as FastOne relies on prices being offered by third party sources.

Margin Requirement and Liquidation

A margin is cash/collateral that the buyer/seller of a financial instrument has to deposit to cover some or all of the credit risk of their counterparty. It is also called performance bond. Margin acts as a good faith deposit to secure clients' financial obligations and the notional value of his position.

There are two types of margin Initial Margin and Maintenance Margin. FastOne defines the margin amount for both the margins and they are subject to change depending on various factors, predominantly volatility in the market. Initial margin is expressed either as a fixed amount or percentage of total value of a contract or financial instrument. A client needs to deposit initial margin or have credit balance of equivalent amount in his trading account with FastOne before he/she can initiate (buy or sell) a position in a particular contract or financial instrument. Maintenance margin (generally less than the initial margin) is the minimum margin (amount) required to continue or maintain the open position.

Margin trading allows clients to hold a position much larger than the actual account value because of leverage. Margin calls are triggered when clients' usable margin (difference between initial and maintenance margin) reaches zero. In the event when client's floating losses reduce account equity/balance to a level that is less than or equal to clients' maintenance margin requirement. Therefore, the result of any margin call is subsequent liquidation unless otherwise specified. FastOne is not obligated to provide a margin call warning to clients prior to liquidating open positions.

Trading on margin comes with risk. Potential gain coincides with potential loss. If account equity falls to a level that is less than or equal to client's maintenance margin requirement, FastOne Trading Station/Dealing desk will trigger order to liquidate (close) all open positions or part of the open positions. The liquidation process could be electronic or manual; it is completely on FastOne's sole discretion to liquidate such open positions that has hit the maintenance margin level in the manner it deems fit and appropriate.

At times during the forced liquidation because a client is on a margin call, there may not be enough liquidity. Therefore, it is also possible that the client equity becomes negative because of extreme volatility and gap. Clients would be responsible to make good to such negative balances. FastOne also recommends that clients use Stop orders to limit downside risk.

It is strongly advised that clients keep their account adequately funded and maintain additional margin in their accounts at all times and do not allow their account balance to fall at or below the maintenance margin.

FastOne Product Specific Margin Requirements

The margins are indicative and may vary without prior intimation; they may vary in live market scenarios as well.

Difference between Chart Prices and Work Station Price

There is possibility of difference in price that appears on the FastOne trading platform and on chart. Chart prices are indicative prices usually very close to the executable prices. There is possibility of both prices, Chart and Executable prices are from different sources and therefore may not be exactly the same. FastOne recommends clients to establish the distinction between the Chart prices and Executable prices and be aware of the consequences.

Portable Device Trading Platform (Mobile/Tablet)

There are various risks associated to portable device trading platforms (Mobile/Tablet) and technologies similar to internet trading technology as explained above. For example the duplication of order instructions, feed (rate/price) latency and other issues that are result of portable device (Mobile/Tablet) connectivity. Prices displayed on the mobile platform are solely an indication of the executable rates and may not reflect the actual executable price on the platforms.

FastOne shall not be liable under any circumstances where clients experience a delay in price quotation or an inability to trade caused by slow internet connectivity or any other transmission and technology, hardware problems outside the direct control of FastOne. Transmission problems include but are not limited to the strength of the mobile signal, latency, or any other issues that may arise between client and his internet service provider or any other service provider.

FastOne recommends that clients to be aware of the functionality of the FastOne portable device trading platform (Mobile/Tablet) prior to managing a live account via a portable device.

FastOne Dealing Desk

Being customer-centric FastOne provides its clients added means to place trading orders over phone and through online secured login chat service. A Customer understands that FastOne dealing desk in its sole discretion may record telephone calls, or tape or otherwise and produce the same as an evidence in case of legal dispute. Clients acknowledge and agree to accept the recording as an evidence.

Clients are requested to place execution request/ order through chat service in rare circumstances, only when you are not able to trade through FastOne trading platform or in case of system failure, slowdown in internet connectivity, failure of your telephone lines.

FastOne reserves the right to accept or refuse execution of trades on phone/chat. You choose to execute order through phone or online chat service at your own risks. FastOne will not be responsible for any losses due to technical error or any other error or problem in telephone line or chat service.

These services are added means; clients are usually expected to trade through FastOne trading platforms. Excessive use may attract a fee, which will be notified separately.

Privacy Policy

FastOne Global Financial Markets Limited, a leading financial intermediary providing trading solutions is an FSC (Financial Services Commission, Mauritius) regulated company holding a Category 1 Global Business License.

FastOne Global Financial Markets Limited collects information of individuals (natural persons) and legal entities (enterprises, corporates, partnership firms, limited partnership firms, trusts) both directly and indirectly as explained below.

Collection of Information

FastOne Global Financial Markets Limited requires its' customers to divulge and share certain personal identification data, contact details, financial information and personal demographic information for setting their respective trading accounts. For e.g. name, permanent and correspondence address, telephone number, email id, passport number, other identification number acceptable to the Regulator, age (date of birth), investment and trading experience across various financial and non-financial instruments, income, net worth, legal and financial status, banking details including Credit Card/Debit Card. FastOne Global Financial Markets Limited and its representatives including employees never ask you to divulge and share your internet trading, banking access and transaction passwords or any other login passwords. You are advised not to share your login details with anyone. FastOne Global Financial Markets Limited collects related documents as prescribed by the Regulator. FastOne Global Financial Markets Limited may also require customers to furnish other information and documents as deemed fit at the time of setting (opening) account for the purpose of relevant services offered.

FastOne Global Financial Markets Limited collects limited information from the prospective customers who at times request for Demo Account or other services on trial basis. However, one can visit FastOne Global Financial Markets Limited website without identifying themselves or providing any personal or financial information.

FastOne Global Financial Markets Limited collects certain information but not limited to by participating in various seminars, through its' stalls, all types of advertisements, promotional campaigns, personal visits, meetings, by subscribing/buying databases available in the market and other modes of personal & electronic communications. FastOne Global Financial Markets Limited may adopt certain online marketing and sales campaign to direct its target audience to its' online services and website.

FastOne Global Financial Markets Limited collect information indirectly from prospective customers and visitors of our website that include Internet protocol ("IP") address, browser type, operating system, Internet service provider (ISP), time stamps and transaction history. This is statistical data about our users' browsing actions and patterns, and does not identify any individual. We may obtain information about our prospects and visitors general internet usage by using cookies and web beacons also known as action tags or single-pixel gifs, and other technologies. Cookies provide us with data we can use to improve our customers and visitors experience and to know them better. Cookies are stored on the hard drive of computer. They help us to improve our website and to deliver better and more personalised services. They enable us to estimate total no of visitors, target audience, frequency of visit, usage pattern and preferences.

We may share information about our prospects and web audience with advertising companies for the purpose of targeting them with our internet banners, advertisements and promotions. These information are not personally identifiable. We may also use third party services and softwares to track and analyze usage and volume statistics including page requests and form requests. The third party may use cookies to track behaviour of website visitors.

You consent to our use of cookies as described above. You may block or refuse to accept cookies by activating the setting on your browser. However, in such scenarios you may be unable to access certain parts and functions of our website.

Sharing of Information

FastOne Global Financial Markets Limited does not and will not sell, rent, lease or license any Personal Information of our customers whether former or current, website visitors, target audience and prospects collected through various sources directly or indirectly including through cookies as described above. However, such information may be used, shared with, transferred to, access given to;

  • Employees, the group companies, affiliates, introducing brokers, white label partners, strategic partners and third parties (consultants, service providers) for the purpose of data consolidation , customer data management, centralized customer services, marketing, sales, promotions, market research operations, accounting, risk management, audit and for any such activities required to perform day to day operations and client servicing.
  • Attorneys, auditors and accountants.
  • Regulators, governing bodies, enforcement agencies and legal authorities as required to comply with civil, criminal, regulatory investigations, judicial process, summons or/and warrant by, etc.
  • Legal heir, beneficial owners, nominee and such people who have legal interest in the customer account.
  • Third parties to avail such services that enable FastOne Global Financial Markets Limited to protect against actual or potential fraud, unauthorized transactions, claims or other liability.
  • Credit reporting or collection agencies, or when necessary to protect our rights or property.
  • New entities post-merger, takeover, acquisition, change of management and management control.

You consent to our use of such information as described above

Third Party Link, Promotions, Advertisements

FastOne Global Financial Markets Limited website may provide links to third-party websites for customer convenience and information. FastOne Global Financial Markets Limited does not recommend, endorse or make any representation of the third-party products and services advertised or promoted or a third-party or company website link provided on its' website. FastOne Global Financial Markets Limited does not own any responsibility, liability and this Privacy Policy is no longer applicable where a customer or visitor of our website purchases, subscribes, avails a product or service offered by such third-party or company through an advertisement(s), promotion(s), banner(s) and third party link(s) provided on our website. We are not responsible for the privacy policies, the contents, products purchased, subscribed and services availed of/from a third party website/company we link to and we have no control over the use and protection of information provided by you to, or collected by such third-party/company websites. Whenever our customers, prospects and visitors access/visit a co-branded website or to a linked website, they may be asked to register, divulge and share information on which we do not have any control. Customers or visitors of our website do so completely on their own risk. Third-party/company that advertises on FastOne Global Financial Markets Limited website may use cookies to collect details of customers or visitors to track their behaviour.

Protection of Information

FastOne Global Financial Markets Limited has taken up reasonable precautions to protect personal, trading and account information from theft, misuse and unauthorized access/disclosure. We have taken security measures, have setup systems and procedures to safeguard and protect personal and trading data in normal circumstances. We have also tried to create a safe and secured trading and customer service environment. Online trading is through secured login and unique client code. FastOne Global Financial Markets Limited strongly recommends its' customers and visitors not to share their login details of any kind with anyone. FastOne Global Financial Markets Limited would continue to enhance the secured and protected environment.

However, FastOne Global Financial Markets Limited would not be responsible for protecting such personal and trading data in case of extraordinary situation or circumstances beyond its' reasonable control including but not limited to cybercrime, piracy, internet/system hacking, viruses, fire, earthquake and natural disaster.

Change in Privacy Policy

FastOne Global Financial Markets Limited may change its' privacy policy from time to time in its' sole discretion without any prior notice and a revised Privacy Policy would be posted on this website. FastOne Global Financial Markets Limited customers and visitors of this website consent to FastOne Global Financial Markets Limited to introduce future changes in the Privacy Policy and agree to accept the revised Privacy Policy. FastOne Global Financial Markets Limited customers also acknowledge and agree that revised Privacy Policy of this website will have no impact on the Know Your Client (Account Opening) form, KYC notes, rate schedule, terms and conditions of business, risk disclosure, additional risk disclosure, discretionary agreement and regulatory disclaimer (collectively, the Agreement) of FastOne Global Financial Markets Limited

For any queries and concerns regarding this Privacy Policy please contact [email protected]

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